The fish are just smarter here!

Angling is another recreational sport that can be enjoyed along the magnificent lake and river. Whether you’re a keen, experienced or someone who just wants to give it a go, Bhandardara has an abundance of hot spots to cast a line.

Set yourself up on the shores of the lake, prepare your fishing rod, take a look over the clear blue water, throw out the hook, lay back and feel the quietness - force your body and get into an "in-fight".

The best time to sink a line is in the mornings but afternoons are also good. Here you will also see the local villager with his bamboo fishing line or traditional fishing net. .

Fish species you will come across on these rivers comprises mainly cat-fishes and local fishes. The varieties of fishes occurring naturally in the water resources are Kolshi, Tambir, Rohu, Catla, Ambali, Shivda, Muri, to name a few. There are also freshwater shrimp, crabs, which come down the sluice gates when the water is released.