Anandvan Resort


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  • Enhancing the environs by planting local trees in & around the region
  • Exercising environmental-friendly gardening practices & recycling lawn clippings.
  • Decorating with indigenous plants instead of exotic flowers
  • Energy saving by supplying water through gravity wherever possible thereby limiting the use of electric pumps
  • Waste segregation Plastic / paper / glass / metals (cans)  / cardboard sent for recycling
  • Majority of staff accommodated in close proximity of the property. Hence no transportation required thereby reducing fuel consumption
  • Reduced use of plastic by packaging guest amenities in recycled paper
  • Using non woven fiber (eco friendly material) for glass covers, newspaper bags, laundry bags, chef caps, bath robes, spa products.
  • Offering a towel and linen reuse program
  • Offering newspapers on request to reduce wastage
  • Pens purchased for the guest and meeting rooms are made of 75% recycled material.
  • Minimizing paper usage by emailing rather than printing reports, confirmations, menus and contracts.
  • Vehicles can be driven only till the porch of the resort & not beyond to the cottages thereby restricting sound & air pollution.
  • Presenting plants as gifts to guests whenever possible
  • Limited number of guest rooms to minimize environmental and social impact

For man to co-exist with nature there must be a certain level of development and of balance. We think our resort has found that balance