Anandvan Resort


Mellow Music, Magic and the Moon!

Folk dances

Watch cultural dance performances providing a rich glimpse into the folk culture of Bhandardara. Sway to the unplugged beats of tribal music.

View the stars

If you don’t usually see the stars at home in the city – you certainly will enjoy them, every night at Anandvan. Beneath a brilliant starlit sky, where on clear nights the Milky Way and shooting stars will enchant you with a mesmerizing display.


As the breathtaking sunset unfolds, curl up before a cozy fire with a glass of regional wine and savor the delightful sounds and smells of the mist- shrouded forests. Huddle round with your family or make new friends among your fellow guests.

Festive happenings & Theme nights

A favourite among guests- with live music, karaoke, outdoor BBQ and meals by candlelight with local food and gourmet cuisine is not to be missed!

& More…

Get into teams for a good old family competition by playing your favourite games or Karaoke – Sing along to popular tunes which will make sure everyone can be involved and have fun. Watch Wild life movies, Sports or any other special event on big screen at the conference hall. For the adventurous, go for night drives in your vehicle accompanied with a local guide and discover the nocturnal activities of Bhandardara’s secretive creatures.

Please note :- there are a lot of other activities you and your family could engage in. The above-mentioned are given only as a guideline and may vary depending on season to season. Kindly check our schedule upon arrival for planned evening activities.

The fun never stops…