Local Community Initiatives

Eat Local, Buy Local and See Local!

  • Generating employment opportunities for locals: 85% of the staff at Anandvan Resort has been trained & recruited from the local villages.
  • Hiring local guides & individuals who have specialist knowledge on the flora and fauna in Bhandardara
  • Sourcing local, organic produce such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, dairy and farm products from local villagers in Bhandardara thereby creating a market place.
  • Implementing fair trade with local suppliers in Bhandardara.
  • Encouraging local cultural events by organizing shows like folk dances in Anandvan Resort to showcase their work and bring culture and joy to our guests at the same time.
  • Exclusive destination marketing & creating awareness for eco & rural tourism thereby generating more tourist business for locals in Bhandardara

We believe that the primary beneficiaries of ecotourism must be the people whose ancestral land is being visited.


About Us

While our business has always been for Bhandardara visitors, our first commitment has always been to Bhandardara itself.

Architecture & Interior

We believe it is possible to construct an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing resort.

Eco Initiatives

Anandvan Resort Bhandardara respects and celebrates the natural environment.

Environmental Initiatives

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Local Communities Initiatives

Eat Local, Buy Local And See Local!


Construction Initiatives

“Green” Architecture, Interiors & Fittings!

Eco Travel Guide

Anandvan's tips for a Eco friendly travel.