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Mahadev koli & Thakar tribes are the two prominent natives of Bhandardara region. Earlier they were known as dongar (mountain) koli. They are very hospitable and hardworking people. Their dialects are similar to Marathi language. They prefer to stay closer to the mountain slope. It is for the ease of farming and protection from torrential wind coming with downpour.

They yield crops like rice, barley, nachni & sometimes wheat in winter. Heavy rainfall in monsoon in this region is suitable for rice. The variety of rice called ‘Kala bhat’ of this place is well known. People go in jungle to collect honey, Hirda & other jungle products which can be found at local weekly market for sale.

They live in huts made of mud, brick, rock and wood, a house in tune with the surroundings which stays cool in summer and gives warmth in monsoon and winter. Here domestic animals live together with the humans; Dangi cow is a special breed found here in highlands. Its skin is oily to survive the heavy monsoon.

Winter comes with the cold winds and warm festivals in every village. Every village has their own troupe of traditional dance known as Kambdawane (very energetic group dance) & Bohoda (a story telling through dance especially). Here young and old dance alike. You will be amazed by the speed of their dance and their outfit.

Legend has it that during British Raj Mahadev were diplomatically used against another tribe. These pepole are known for the skills of fighting in the mountains. Whosoever ruled in the Maharashtra regions, these tribes were in the royal army to guard this region known as Chalisgao (forty villages) Dangan (hilly region).

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Bhandardara History

Bhandardara has a glorious past, which stretches to the prehistoric period. The reference of nearby hills, temples, caves & people also comes into Hindu mythology.

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There are many popular places you can visit while in Bhandardara.

Flora and Fauna in Bhandardara

Bio-geographers have long recognized the distinctive plant and animal communities of this region. Many of these faunal and floral elements are not found anywhere else except in northeastern parts.

People and Culture

Unforgettable Whiff Of Countryside!